San Juan, Spain, 1957

APRIL 1957 – Three tourists stand on the empty Avenida Jaime I el Conquistador in San Juan, Spain on a sunny day. Scan © Mark Zanzig/

Sunset, Okavango Delta, Botswana

DECEMBER 2011 – The remaining light of the sunset dips the sky into all pink and purple colors over the silhouette of the trees of the Okavango Delta. Photo © Mark Zanzig/

Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany

OCTOBER 2018 – Runners enter the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany, to perform the last 300 meters of the run at the Generali München Marathon. © Mark Zanzig/

Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

JULY 2009 – Panoramic photograph of Digby harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada, on a calm and sunny summer morning. © Mark Zanzig/

Monolite Pizzomunno, Vieste, Italy

SEPTEMBER 2000 – View across the southern beach of Vieste, Italy, with its Monolite Pizzomunno prominently overtowering the beach. Photo © Mark Zanzig/


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