The Grand Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

MAY 2002 – View across one of the swimming pools of The Grand Resort in Hurghada, Egypt. Photo © Mark Zanzig/

The story behind the image

Egypt has been a popular holiday destination for many years. It started long ago with cruises on the Nile and excursions to the Pyramids of Gizeh. Then the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea were discovered and developed for travellers. This development avoided many of the mistakes made by others in the past, especially erecting huge high rise buildings.

In 2002 we opted for The Grand Resort because the images in the catalogue were promising. It seemed to have all the amenities we were looking for: Three pools, short distance to the beach, a good selection of restaurants, and close to the airport. But what we got was simply stunning. It was like directly taken from an Arabian fairy tale. Stylish architecture, beautifully illuminated at night. Sadly, I had just my Kodak point-and-shoot with me, but I still adore this image as it calls back the good time we spent there.

The high resolution image

Capture Date & Time02-MAY-2002, 19:11
LocationThe Grand Resort, Hurghada, Egypt
CameraKodak DC 4800
Exposure4 sec at f/8
Digital Image Source FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image Dimensions2105 x 1184 Pixels
Copyright© by Mark Zanzig/

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