Nuraghe Arrubiu, Sardinia

AUGUST 2010 – Panoramic view across Nuraghe Arrubiu, a castle built by the ancient people of Sardinia. © Mark Zanzig/

The story behind the image

This panorama photo shows the Nuraghe Arrubiu in Sardinia, Italy.

But what, exactly, is a “Nuraghe”? Well, it can be best described as “ancient castle”, built by ancient people of Sardinia. A Nuraghe had (simple) living rooms, it could be defended, and almost always it can be found in strategically important locations. The oldest Nurgahe date back to 1800 B.C., and this one – the Nuraghe Arrubiu – had been used until 500 A.D. There are still about 7,000 Nuraghi on Sardinia, yet most of the are small and complete ruins today.

I composed this panorama shot from multiple images. You can clearly see the sturdy structure with the prominent middle tower. Seven smaller towers surround the central tower and were used to defend attackers. The late afternoon sun already casted long shadows, highlighting the structure of the ancient building. Very nice.

The high resolution image

Capture Date & Time29-AUG-2010, 17:29
LocationOrroli, Sardinia
CameraCanon EOS 5D
LensCanon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM
Exposure1/250 sec at f/8
Digital Image Source FormatCanon Camera RAW (CR2)
Edited Image FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image Dimensions13155 x 2574 Pixels
Copyright© by Mark Zanzig/

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