Kiel Ellerbek, Germany, 1898

1898 – A postcard shows the waterfront of Ellerbek near Kiel in Germany. Photo by M. Glückstadt & Münden, Hamburg

The story behind the image

This historic postcard was sent in February 1898. It shows the waterfront of the village Ellerbek near Kiel. This is a remarkable historic image because the location has changed entirely soon after the image had been captured. The village was formally merged with the city of Kiel.

What’s more, when the shipyard needed further extension in 1903, the homes of the fishermen at the beach had to go. 60 houses were broken down, among them about 30 historic houses from the 18th century and before. The people were resettled to new homes at the Rosenberg in Wellingdorf. With this move, the old fishing and farming village had completely turned into a village for the shipyard workers. The City Archive of Kiel has the full story (in German.)

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind this development too much, because my great great great grandmother, Margaretha Dorothea Möller (born Lassen), spent her last years with two of her sons, Johannes Heinrich and Peter August, in Ellerbek. After her spouse Hans Adolph Möller had died in 1883 she moved from Kappeln to Ellerbek where she died in 1896. Looking at the postcard image, I realized that she probably liked the similarities between Kappeln and Ellerbek.

The high resolution image

Capture Datec. 1897
PhotographerM. Glückstadt & Münden, Hamburg
LocationKiel, Germany
Image Source14 x 9 cm postcard image
Digital Image SourceEPSON Perfection 4870 Photo
Digital Image Source FormatTIFF, 48 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image Dimensions4118 x 6462 Pixels
CopyrightPhoto © M. Glückstadt & Münden, Hamburg,
Scan © Mark Zanzig/

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