Mark Zanzig, 1988

1988 – Portrait of Mark Zanzig in Silves, Portugal. Photo © by Susanne Meß

The story behind the image

Today I want to share a photo of myself that has been shot 34 years ago in Silves, a town in southern Portugal.

I remember that day very well. It had been extremely hot already in the morning, and we had decided to leave out the beach for the day and head for the higher regions of the Algarve region. In Silves, temperatures were still hot (but bearable, especially in the shadow), and we were slowly exploring the village and its awesome Castelo de Silves, a fortress that has been built in the 12th and 13th century. At some point we needed a rest and dropped on a bench under some palm trees.

The light was awesome. It got reflected by the surrounding buildings (which were white), acting like giant matte reflectors. A bit of direct like was coming from behind, but also very gentle. At that location I shot a number of beautiful portraits of Susanne, and vice versa. This is one of the few images of the 1980s that I not only approve but really adore, and I am grateful to have found the negative again to do a fresh scan. Of course, kudos go to Susanne for such a great job.

The high resolution image

Capture Date1988
LocationSilves, Portugal
CameraCanon AE-1 Program
LensFD 70-210mm f/4
Image SourceNegative Film
Digital Image SourceEPSON Perfection 4870 Photo
Digital Image Source FormatTIFF, 48 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image Dimensions6767 x 4418 Pixels
Copyright© by Susanne Meß

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