Kardamena Harbor, Kos, Greece

SEPTEMBER 1994 – Fisher boats at Kardamena, Kos, Greece, on a summer day. © Mark Zanzig/zanzig.com

The story behind the image

A late summer trip to Kos island in Greece is attractive because the temperatures are lower than in July and August where it can get really hot. Also, it is less crowded and it’s easy to spontaneously get tickets for excursions.

One afternoon we decided to go to the vulcano of Nisiros, a small island next to Kos. Departure was at Kardamena harbor, and we were a few minutes early, so I shot this photo as I love the bright colorful boats. Looking at recent images from Kardamena, the harbor has not changed a lot over the past three decades. Lovely.

By the way, this image is a scan from a Kodak PhotoCD which was the best way to get affordable high-end slide scans in the 1990s. While many of my Kodak PhotoCD scans are not good enough for publishing (and needed a new, fresh scan), this one is. Maybe, I’ll do a fresh scan of this image as well. When I have the time. In the future. Who knows when. Until then, I’m happy with this image. 🙂

The high resolution image

Capture DateSeptember 1994
LocationKardamena, Kos, Greece
CameraCanon AE-1 Program
LensCanon FD 28mm f/2.8
Image SourceSlide Film
Digital Image SourceKodak PhotoCD
Digital Image Source FormatKodak PhotoCD (PCD)
Edited Image FormatJPEG, 24 bits/pixel, sRGB
Edited Image Dimensions1818 x 2727 Pixels
Copyright© by Mark Zanzig/zanzig.com

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