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Beach Los Cristianos Tenerife

We wanted to enjoy a real beach somewhere, and drove a few kilometers down the "Autopista del Sur" to Los Cristianos. Now, this is a really nice village (that has grown quite a lot), but its center is still very attractive. And it offers a real beach (with "off white" sand).

Los Cristianos Harbour Tenerife

The two beaches are situated directly at the village center - and one of them has a nice view towards the small harbour.

Los Cristianos Tenerife

Another photo of the beach, this time directed towards the village. You can see that the houses and hotels are not too high, giving an authentic impression of a vibrant village.

Tenerife Los Cristianos

This is the other large beach of Los Cristianos, offering a lot of space. This space is needed, however, for all the hotels in the surroundings.

Los Cristianos Beach Tenerife

A final photo of the beautiful Los Cristianos beach in the afternoon.

Los Cristianos Tenerife

This is the beach promenade with countless restaurants and shops, all quite low-key so it does not get annoying at all.

Los Cristianos Tenerife

Another photo of a restaurant at the beach promenade. In the afternoon, as you can imagine, the tables were still waiting for some more guests. In the evening it usually is more busy but still not overcrowded.

Tenerife Shopping

This is one of the pedestrian areas of Los Cristianos. It offers more shops and restaurants, and is a refreshing escape from the hot sun.

Los Cristianos Church

The church of Los Cristianos, situated in the village center. From here, it's just a few steps to the beaches, to the harbour and the pedestrian area. But enough of this, now lets go all the way up to the Parque Nacional de Las Canadas del Teide...

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