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Kornhausbrücke Bern

Now, here we are in Berne, and this is the view from North towards the city. You just have to use the Kornhausbrücke (which is right behind the small bridge that crosses the street) to cross the Aare river, and then you are directly in the historical town center.

Kramgasse Bern

The famous Kramgasse with its many small shops and the fountain in the middle of the street.

Bern Switzerland

A longtime exposure of Bern, seen from the Kornhausbrücke. As it was a warm clear evening, the mountains in the back started to glow in the pale moonlight! Simply breathtaking.

Bern at Night

Another photo of Bern later that night. The river Aare flows gently through the old town, which is nicely illuminated, giving it an almost ancient touch.

Kramgasse Bern at Night

This is Bern's popular Kramgasse at night.

Kindlifresser Bern

And this is a the top of the popular, yet very unusual "Kindlifresser" statue in Bern. In case you are wondering what "Kindlifresser" means - its correct translation would be "eater of the kids" and is said to have its origins in the carneval. I sense a gloomy history here...

Kindlifresser Statue Bern

The bottom of the "Kindlifresser" statue - it comes across more friendly, with all those bears, but these bears still look gloomy. :-)

Zytgloggeturm Bern

Here is another must-see - the "Zytgloggeturm" (clock bell tower) that enjoys since 1530 visitors and inhabitants of Berne. The ancient play of the clockwork happens every hour, starting four minutes before the new hour.

The Alps Bern Switzerland

Now we leave Berne, and move towards the famous "Schilthorn" mountain. It's located south-east of Berne, and on your short trip you should take numerous stops to enjoy the fantastic nature of the Alps, just like on this photo.

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