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Polybahn Zürich

We recommend to visit the university (the ETH). You can either walk all up-hill by foot, or you take this convenient train, the Poly-Bahn which connects the towncenter with the main entrance of the university.

Poly-Bahn Zurich

The "Poly-Bahn" is also part of the public transport system, and your day-pass is valid here as well. Trains leave every few minutes.

Zurich Polybahn

While the ride itself is rather unspectacular (no views), a ride with the Poly-Bahn is still exciting and convenient for tourists.


The ride with the Poly-Bahn takes just about a minute, but it saves you at leat ten minutes, and a lot of sweat - if you carry all your photo equipment!

Zürich Panorama

From the university you have an excellent panoramic view across Zürich with its many churches: Grossmünster (with its two towers in the back), Predigerkirche (in the front), Fraumünster (in the center), and St. Peter (to the right).

Zürich Panorama 2004

A year ago we also went the way up to the university, and I did a similar shot in a different light. You can see that the belltower of the Fraumünster church was under re-construction at that time.

Zürich Office Building

In Zurich you will find a lot of interesting architecture, old and new. We found this building close to the ETH university, and I immediately liked the fact that one guy is enjoying the incredible view from there.

Zürich ETH

This figure marks the main entrance to the ETH university of Zurich. While the figure is very small, I could compose the photo in such a way that it looks quite tall, almost overlooking the city.

Zürich Neumarkt

In Zurich's Old Town, there are many small streets and places to discover. Often, like here at the Neumarkt, they are garnered with small cafes and shops. It's easy to get lost here, enjoying the impressions of this city.

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