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Unterhaching Sonnwendfeier

Almost everybody is celebrating midsummer in his own way. Petra and myself were joining a big public party in Unterhaching, powered by the local group of unmarried young men (the "Birker Burschen Verein"). Each year, they collect a large pile of wood which will be lit until it burns brightly. They serve beer and food, and everybody is having a good time... Cheers!


"Cheers" or "Prost" as we say in German. This is a "mass beer", about 1 liter, to be precise.

Bavarian Band in Lederhosen

Then the band came marching in, playing some local "volksmusik". This is tradition, you know.

Sonnwendfeier 2003

The bachelors (and strangely enough) some girls put fire to the pile of wood.

Birker Burschen Unterhaching

Then they started to dance around the fire. Now we know why the girls had to be there!

Feuer Fire

I wanted this picture because I may need it for some client presentations in the future. Especially, if their situation is so bad that all you can do is to yell "Fire!"...

Feuerwehr Unterhaching

...but fortunately there are fireguards. They are watching that the fire is under control.

Midsummer Party Unterhaching

A nice shot of the burning pile.

Evening Sky

The evening was warm, and the sky provided fantastic colourful views.

Birker Burschen Sonnwendfeuer

This photo may not be 100% sharp, but I had a few beer already and I did not want to use a flash and I did not have a tripod. Under these circumstances, I think the shot is okay-ish.


This fire photo is sharp and shows off the nice evening sky as well. My Kodak DC-4800 amazes me again and again!


The last one for this night, I put the camera down and did a long time shot, trying to hold the camera still.

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