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Riu San Sebastiano (Lago is Barrocus) Sardegna

Now we are on our way from Orroli in the center of Sardegna towards Torre Grande at the west coast. We did a first stop close to Isili where the large "Lago is Barrocus" has been created from a dam. I don't know why some maps identify the lake as "Riu San Sebastiano". It certainly is beautiful.

Nuraghe Is Paras Sardegna

Just a few steps away from Isili is the Nuraghe Is Paras. Since we had already seen the Nuraghe Arrubiu and we had still a long way to go, we decided to not visit this (otherwise impressive) Nuraghe.

Lago is Barrocus (Riu San Sebastiano) Sardegna

Another shot of the Lago is Barrocus (aka "Riu San Sebastiano"), this time from the SS128 right after the bridge crossing the lake. There seems to be a church on top of the island, and I wonder how the people get there?

View from Castello di Marmilla

Outside the village of Las Plassas we made another stop, right below the Castello di Marmilla. It sits on a hill, and it is a (somewhat) exhausting walk up to the Castello. But on your way you will see beautiful views of the Sardic landscape like this...

Viewpoint Castello di Marmilla

...and this. We were here on the 30th August, and you can recognize that it had been a very dry summer so far.

Las Plassas Castello di Marmilla

And this is a shot from the top of the hill, at the ruins of the Castello di Marmilla. The dry Sardic landscape presents itself in the best possible fashion, and you will love the quiet and peace up here.

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

From the Castello di Marmilla you can see the huge Nuraghe Su Nuraxi in the distance (it is about 2.5 kilometers away). This is one of the most important Nuraghes in Sardinia, and in the summer the parking lot is quite full. You can only take guided tours, so we passed this Nuraghe and drove up the "Giara di Gesturi" mountains.

Castello di Marmilla

And finally. This is the "Castello di Marmilla" - ruins today, and (quite frankly) not much too see.

Giara di Gesturi Panorama

Here is the panorama of the Giara di Gesturi, seen from the Castello di Marmilla in Las Plassas. The village at the foot of the mountains is Tuili, which we are going to pass on our way to the top of the mountain.

Giara di Gesturi

To get up to the top of the mountain, you drive to Tuili and check for signposts "Altopiano della Giara". Then it goes up, up, and up until the small, steep street ends in a parking lot. From there, you can continue on foot to get to this little chappel.

Chappel on top of Giara di Gesturi

This is the interior of the very basic chappel. Beautiful, especially in combination with the quiet surroundings of this place where the wind was the loudest. Probably one of the best spots to find your inner peace.

Giara di Gesturi Top

Next to the chappel was a tiny memorial shrine with a statue of Maria and some photos with colors fainted by the harsh sunlight.

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