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Arborea Sardegna

On our way from Oristano to the Costa Verde we stopped briefly at the village of Arborea. Founded in 1928 (under Mussolini) it was originally called "Mussolina", and 4,000 settlers from Venetia were transferred here. Later the village was renamed to "Arborea", honoring the Sardic hero Eleonora d'Arborea.

Arborea Piazza Ausiliatrice Sardinia

Here, at the Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice, you will also find the church.

Arborea Sardinia

This beautiful mosaic can be found at the outer wall of the church.

Orbituaries Arborea Sardinia

At Arborea you will also discover traditional Italian habits like these orbituary notices on the wall of a house.

Locanda Del Gallo Bianco Arborea

This is the "Locanda del Gallo Bianco", a 2-star hotel at the Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice in Arborea. We think it has seen better times. (And could someone please buy a "C" and fix the name of the hotel? ;-)

Tabacchi Giornali Lotto Italy

Another fashion that is typical for Italy: The "Tabacchi" sign, indicating that the shop is licenced to sell tabac.

Entry to Agriturismo Gragonti

From Arborea we drove up to Arbus and then another 12 km on the curvy SS126 to our next accommodation, the "Argiturismo Gragonti". This is the sign that marks the entry to the working farm.

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