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s'Archittu Sardegna

From Torre Grande you can do several sidetrips. We decided to head north first, to the tiny village of s'Archittu. The village has got its name from the arched rock that can be found after a short walk north. For thousands of years, the sea water has splashed through this hole, widening it bit by bit. Today, it is a tourist attraction by itself.

s'Archittu Sardinia

Looking back from the s'Archittu viewpoint towards the village. You recognize the tower on top of the cliffs. It is called the "Torre su Puttu".

s'Archittu Torre su Puttu

Another photo of the Torre su Puttu in s'Archittu.

s'Archittu Sardinia

This is the small beach of s'Archittu with its many cafes and restaurants.

Torre su Puttu s'Archittu

And yet one more photo of the Torre su Puttu as it is illuminated by the late afternoon sun. Just awesome.

s'Archittu Sardinien

This is the small bay of s'archittu with several small boats. As you can see - the wind was getting stronger (and thus colder) by the minute.

Angling in Sardinia

This sportsfisher, however, remained unimpressed by the waves and the chilly wind - he continued to angle to catch some fish.

Beach of s'Archittu

The small beach of s'Archittu, this time seen from the promenade.

Beach at San Giovanni di Sinis Sardinia

The next morning we headed towards San Giovanni di Sinis, a small village that provides access to several beaches, the Tharros ruins, and the Capo San Marco. This is their western beach...

San Giovanni di Sinis Sardegna

...and this is a view of the same beach towards south.

San Giovanni di Sinis Beach

This is another panorama shot showing the western beach of San Giovanni di Sinis. The original size of the photo is 10698 X 2680; please click the image to see a larger version (2000 X 501). To the left, you can see the parking lot (try to go as high up as you can!). Then you see the house of the Tharros archeological site. Here you can buy the tickets to actually get into the ancient city of Tharros. Then there is the tower, the beach, and the beautiful Mediterranian Sea.

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