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Two weeks in Sardinia - Tips for your trip

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  • Omu Axiu OrroliOmu Axiu
    Via Roma, 46
    Orroli (Ca)
    Phone 0782 845023
    80 Euro incl. BF

    The Omu Axiu is a traditional Sardic country house that has been converted into a museum with restaurant and attached B&B. It has been owned and operated by the Vargiu family since 1500 to today, and it has been kept in a good condition. The B&B is not located at the main house, but it is a separate building just a short walk (150 m) away, in the Via Giulio Carelli.

    Since we stayed at the Omu Axiu, we got a free guided tour of the museum. The exhibition features historic tools used for farming in the area, and it recreates realistic scenes from the past. The owner, Agostino Vargiu, knows all the stories, big and small, from the island.

    When staying in Orroli we recommend to book the Omu Axiu restaurant as well (reservation strongly recommended). They cook traditional Sardic dishes, and the location is just stunning: Sitting under a clear deep blue sky on a warm summer evening, enjoying their excellent food served in a traditional manner by a super-friendly staff. (Tip: Bring a fleece jacket! In the evenings it can get quite chilly on the patio.)

    The Zanzig.com Rating: **** (very good)

    More information: zanzig.com/f/44.htm


Accommodation Alternative
  • Hotel Istellas SardegnaHotel Istellas
    Centro Nautico Lago Flumendosa
    Loc. Pitzu Tuvudu
    08035 Nurri
    Phone & Fax +39 0782 812014

    If you are looking for absolute transquility in a beautiful location, you will want to take a closer look at the "Hotel Issellas". It is located right at the shore of Lago del Flumendosa; just the guests of the hotel and the associated restaurant will drive down here, and perhaps an occasional day visitor.

    The 20 rooms of the hotel appear to be simple yet clean. The hotel also offers a bar and a swimming pool (see image). The lake is perfect for canoeing, fishing, and boating. If you prefer to stay on the land, you can do trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, rock-climbing excursions in the Padenti forest.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: N/A (we did not stay here)

    More information: www.istellas.it

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Torre Grande
  • B&B Acquamarina
    Via N. Tommaseo 13/15
    09170 Torregrande (Or)
    Phone +39 333 4212268
    Fax +39 366 8975681
    75 Euro incl. BF

    The "B&B Acquamarina" is a good choice if you want to explore the Sinis peninsula and Oristano. It is just a short walk to the nice, long beach. Our room ("Camera Blu") was quiet, modern and clean, and the staff was friendly and helpful. The (continental) breakfast on the secluded patio was really good.

    From Torregrande, it is just a short drive to Cabras (3 km), to Oristano (9 km), to Capo San Marco (11 km), and to the beaches of the west coast (12-15 km). The village itself has all the touristic infrastructure you might expect, i.e. restaurants, supermarkets, and shops.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)

    More information: www.acquamarina1.it


  • L'Oasi
    Piazza della Torre, 6
    Torregrande (Or)
    Phone 0783 22062

    The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)

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Costa Verde
  • Agriturismo Gragonti
    Loc. Gragonti Arbus
    09031 Arbus
    Phone +39 349 8434909 (Fernando)
    Phone +39 340 6755206
    90 Euro, half board (BF and dinner)

    During our visit to Sardinia we wanted to stay at a real "agriturismo", a working farm, and Petra did countless searches on the Internet and finally came up with this one: "Agriturismo Gragonti". It turned out to be the perfect choice to explore the Costa Verde, as it is close to the beaches of the west coast and to Montevecchio and the northern parts of Costa Verde.

    The Argiturismo Gragonti is situated in the middle of nowhere, about 12 km from Arbus. Our room had been recently renovated and presented itself in a traditional Sardic style. It was quiet and clean.

    Due to the remote location of the house, we strongly suggest to book their half board offering, i.e. breakfast and dinner. Two reasons: Firstly, you want to avoid driving the curvy SS126 from Arbus up to Gragonti at night. Secondly, and more importantly, the dinner is fantastic. The whole family sits together -with the guests- and they chat about everything, be it what happened at the farm that day, your trip so far and your plans for the remaining time, tips for what to see. Fernando and his family create a wonderful and friendly atmosphere for their guests, and their traditional food is awesome. (One night he grilled the traditional Sardic piglet for the group, and it was really yummy!).

    The Zanzig.com Rating: ***** (unmissable)

    More information: www.agriturismogragonti.it


Accommodation Alternative
  • Hotel Le Dune PiscinasHotel Le Dune
    Via Bau, 1
    fraz. Piscinas di Ingurtosu
    09031 Ingurtosu
    Phone 070 977130
    Phone 070 977230
    Mobile Phone +39 3402415287

    The "Hotel Le Dune" is a truly Hotel Le Dune Sardinia unique hotel at the Costa Verde. It is situated directly at the long beach of Piscinas, next to the high natural dunes. To get there, you have to master about 11 km of serpentines from Arbus on the SS126 and then another 7 km of gravel road. The reward: a hotel offering hospitality, transquility, and a lot of history.

    When the mines of Ingurtosu were still active, the hotel was still part of such a mine, and you can see some relicts of the mining in the immediate surroundings of the hotel. When the mining was given up, the three buildings at the beach were turned into a luxury hotel, complete with restaurant, bar, and spa. With just 27 rooms, it can be difficult to book a room, but if you manage to get one, you can walk directly from your room to the private beach. And in the late afternoon, when all the day tourists are gone, you will experience terrific mediterranian sunsets on the patio of the restaurant while enjoying traditional Sardic food.

    The rooms, with the exception of the suite, are TV free, in order to enhance the recreation and to respect the extraordinary and magnificent environment with just the sounds of the sea and the wind around. Very, very nice.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: N/A (we did not stay here)

    More information: zanzig.com/f/45.htm

Night 7
  • B&B Sa Lolla Fiorida
    Via Monte Santo, 55/57
    09010 Pula (Ca)
    Phone +39 338 6036167
    Phone +39 338 5657551
    Phone & Fax +39 070 9209237
    70 Euro, incl. BF

    Pula is a rather big town, and it is a touristic area. So it offers a number of hotels and B&Bs. Since we needed a stopover between Costa Verde and Monte Nai, where we had an apartment for a week, we decided to stay here in Pula at the "B&B Sa Lolla Fiorida".

    The house is located in the center of the town, about 250 meters from the Piazza del Populo with several restaurants and shops. You can explore the town easily by foot. To get to Pula's beautiful southern beach (at the Rada di S. Efisio) and to the historic exhibitions (Rovine Romane and Torre S. Efisio) you probably need your car (it is a 5-10 minutes drive).

    The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)

    More information: www.salollafiorida.com


  • Su Furriadroxu
    Via XXIV Maggio, 11
    09010 Pula (Ca)
    Phone 070 9246148
    Phone & Fax 070 9245651
    Mobile phone 3336571491

    This restaurant is located in a beautiful courtyard a few meters away from the busy Piazza del Populo. The kitchen focuses on traditional Sardic food. One of their specialities is the grilled piglet (which we tried already at the Agriturismo Gragonti). This is a must-try! But also their other dishes are fresh, tasty, and surprisingly affordable.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: **** (very good)

    More information: www.sufurriadroxu.it

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Costa Rei
  • Casa Brezza di Mare, Monte NaiCasa Brezza di Mare
    Via Degli Asfodeli
    Monte Nai
    Phone +39 070 568072
    Mobile Phone +39 393 9184223
    Fax +39 070 7731013
    680 Euro (weekly rate)

    For the second week of our trip to Sardinia we wanted an apartment Street to the beach, Monte Nai at or close to a beautiful beach. Petra found the "Casa Brezza di Mare" in Monte Nai. It is just about 150-200 meters away from the long, white, sandy beach. The access road is narrow with virtually no traffic (see image), and the center of the village is within walking distance as well (about 5-10 minutes).

    The appartment was in a very good condition with modern furniture and Satellite TV. It was quiet and clean. The garden was really nice, and we enjoyed our dinner on the patio when we did not want to go to the center of the village.

    The contact through Domus Tours (Mr. Frau) was very pleasant. He speaks Italian (mother tongue), English (fluently), and German. With the handling of our booking, Mr. Frau was reliable and indeed very helpful. If you are looking for an appartment in Monte Nai - this is it.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: **** (very good)

    More information: Please contact Luca Frau from www.domus-tour.it

Night 15
  • B&B Antico Palazzo Crisaripa
    Via Canelles, 104
    Phone +39 347 9230287
    80 Euro incl. BF

    The "B&B Antico Palazzo Crisaripa" is a historic house, located in the historic town center of Cagliari. It has been recently renovated, and our room was modern and quiet. (Having said that, you will never experience complete silence in this part of the town as the narrow, tree-less streets echo the sound of cars rushing by.) The breakfast was very good.

    You can explore the busy city center and even the harbour from here, but be prepared for some steep streets, especially on your way back. There are nearby public parking lots for your car. If you are looking for a stylish, authentic accommodation in Cagliari, this is it.

    The Zanzig.com Rating: **** (very good)

    More information: www.crisaripa.it

Itinerary Summary - Two weeks in Sardinia

Day Activity Staying at
Sat 28/08/10 - Flight from Munich to Cagliari
- Pick up rental car at the airport
- Drive to Orroli
- Check-in at Omu Axiu
- Guided tour at the Omu Axiu Museum
- Orroli City Walk
Omu Axiu
Sun 29/08/10 - Boat excursion on Lago del Flumendosa
- Sadali
- Ulassai
- Nuraghe Arrubiu
Omu Axiu
Mon 30/08/10 - Isili
- Castello di Marmilla
- Tuili
- Giara di Gesturi
- Check-in at B&B Acquamarina
- s'Archittu
B&B Acquamarina
Tue 31/08/10 - San Giovanni di Sinis
- Capo San Marco
- Tharros
- Afternoon at the beach (Punta is Arutas)
- su Pallosu
- San Salvatore
- Cabras
B&B Acquamarina
Wed 01/09/10 - Oristano
- Arborea
- Check-in at Argiturismo Gragonti
- Ingurtosu
- Piscinas
Agritursimo Gragonti
by Arbus
Thu 02/09/10 - Montevecchio
- Torre di Flumentorgiu
- Funtanazza
- Marina di Arbus
- Portu Maga
- Piscinas
- Afternoon at the beach (Portixeddu)
Agritursimo Gragonti
by Arbus
Fri 03/09/10 - Nebida
- Porto Pino
- Teulada
- Check-in at B&B Sa Lolla Fiorida
- Capo di Pula
- Pula
B&B Sa Lolla Fiorida
Sat 04/09/10 - Torre di Chia
- Drive westward along the Costa del Sud
- Drive to Monte Nai (via Cagliari)
- Check-in at Casa Brezza di Mare
Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Sun 05/09/10 - Relaxing at the beach (Monte Nai) Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Mon 06/09/10 - Morning at the beach (Monte Nai)
- Capoferrato & Monte Ferru
- Torre delle Saline
- Castello Gibas
Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Tue 07/09/10 - Relaxing at the beach (Monte Nai) Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Wed 08/09/10 - Jerzu
- Ulassai
- Lanusei
- Arbatax
- 16:00-17:30 Grotta di Su Marmuri (Ulassai)
Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Thu 09/09/10 - Relaxing at the beach (Monte Nai) Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Fri 10/09/10 - Casa di Marina
- Punta Molentis
- Villasimius
- Drive westward along Golfo di Cagliari
- Afternoon at the beach (Monte Nai)
Casa Brezza di Mare
Monte Nai
Sat 11/09/10 - Check-out at Casa Brezza di Mare
- Drive to Cagliari
- Check-in at B&B Antico Palazzo Crisaripa
- City Walk Cagliari (incl. market halls)
B&B Antico Palazzo
Sun 12/09/10 - City Walk Cagliari (incl. harbour)
- Drive to Cagliari airport
- Return rental car
- Flight from Cagliari to Munich
Total distance driven (15 days): 1,706 km

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