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Ingurtosu ruins

Let's begin with the nearby ruins of Ingurtosu. When you drive down to the beach of Piscinas you will pass Ingurtosu, following a steep and curvy road. Most of the houses are empty, just a few of them have recently been recovered.

Ruins of Ingurtosu Sardinia

But still, there certainly is no active life. There are no shops, no populated Piazzas; it's basically a ghost town.

Ingurtosu mining ruins

When you get closer to the Piscinas beach, you will see the huge ruins of the Ingurtosu mine.

Ingurtosu mine ruins

Massive structures, all run down. Even the warm sunlight of the late afternoon does not really help with this.

Montevecchio mine ruins Sardinia

The other big mining field in the area has been Montevecchio. Here, mining was active until the 1960s.

Ruins of Montevecchio Sardinia

Montevecchio was one of the biggest mines in Europe; they were digging for Silver, Zinc, Lead here. Today it's all deteriorated.

Montevecchio Mining Museum

You can still visit the ruins and take guided tours. Today, the mine has been turned into an industry museum.

Ruins of Montevecchio Sardinia

One of the mine headtowers of Montevecchio.

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