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Torre di Chia Sardinia

When you climb all the way up to the Torre di Chia, which can be quite exhausting, you are rewarded with fantastic views across the long Chia beach to the west...

Chia Beach Sardinia

...and the smaller, more protected beach directly beneath the tower.

Chia Beach Sardegna

We were really undecided which beach is better, so here is another shot of the western beach of Chia. And by the way, here you can see the "Stagno di Chia", the tiny lagoon between Chia and sa Perda Longa, the next village.

Torre di Chia Beach

Now we climbed down again, and you can finally see the Torre di Chia and the beach beneath it. Beautiful.

Chia Beach Sardegna

And this is the next bay, just a few steps away from the other beach. Sardinia at its best.

Torre di Chia Sardegna

One last look at the Torre di Chia.

Chia Rio Mannu Sardegna

The Rio Mannu orginates somewhere in the mountains of the Costa del Sud and flows into the sea right next to the beach of Chia.

Costa del Sud Sardegna

About 8 kilometers west, you'll get another view across the Costa del Sud. Tourists enjoy the warm, clear water. Sailors like to stop here for a night or two.

Costa del Sud Sardinien

This is a wider shot of the same location. The island is called "Isola Tuaredda", and in the back you can see the "Capo Malfatano".

Torre di Budello Sardegna

This is a shot across western-most part of the Costa del Sud. In the back you see the Torre di Budello, which is close to the Porto di Teulada. It must be nice to live in the house (on the right) and to have this awesome view every day. :-)

Costa del Sud Beaches

On our way back to Pula we opted again for the coastal route (and not the SS195). So we stopped at yet another beautiful beach close to Porto di Piscinni.

Porto di Piscinni Costa del Sud

And one more upright shot. But now we had to hurry, because we had to drive all the way over to Monte Nai on the east coast, and we had to go through Cagliari! On a Saturday afternoon! But it wasn't that bad. Traffic in Cagliari is tame compared to big cities like Rome, Milano, or Munich. ;-)

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