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13% ascending slope

Now we leave Costa Verde and drive south along the coast. Between Buggerru and Masua, close to Montecani, the road gets very curvy and steep. 13% ascending slope is not for the faint hearted, especially when the road is also rather narrow.

Pan di Zucchero Nebida

One of the highlights enroute is the "Pan di Zucchero" in Masua. The grey-white rock stands 130 meters high in the water, attracting boat tours and skippers.

Masua Mines Pan di Zucchero

Masua itself is yet another village that had its heydays long ago, when the mine was still active. Today, a museum ("Museo delle Macchine da Miniera") explains everything about mining and the tools used for it. In any case, the buildings of the mine indicate the huge size of the Pan di Zucchero.

Punta Menga Porto Pino Sardinia

Our next stop is the Punta Menga, situated about 6 km south-west of Sant' Anna Arresi close to the village of Porto Pino.

Porto Pino Punta Menga

Porto Pino has a beautiful, long, white beach, and it must be nice to stay here for a couple of days, but we thought that the rocks of Punta Menga were even more interesting with the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea right below us.

Teulada Sardinia

We found this motorbike in Teulada, were we stopped briefly. Teulada is a genuine Italian town, situated a bit off the coast protected by the mountains. The drive along the SS195 offers many attractive views. But stopping there is a bit difficult, and we wanted to get to Pula, so no photos of that part or the route.

Pula Beach Sardinia

And here we are, in Pula, at their beautiful beach at the Rada di S. Efisio. The beach is somewhat detached from the city center, so you need a car or bicycle to get there, but there are several parking lots. With a car, it is just a 5-10 minute drive.

Torre S. Efisio Sardinia Pula

The Torre S. Efisio marks the end of the small peninsula, the Capo di Pula. Right next to the tower you will find the remains of the ancient roman town "Nora". That's why the peninsula is also called "Capo di Nora".

Spiagga di Nora in Pula Sardinia

Right behind the Spiagga di Nora you will find the histroic church Sant'Efisio. Each year early in May, the biggest procession of Sardinia, the "Sagra di Sant'Efisio" ends here. The march begins in the town center of Cagliari, and they celebrate the former Centurio Efisio who was sent from Rome (in 303 AD) to extinguish Christianity in Sardinia. But as soon as Efisio arrived in Sardinia, he converted to the Christian belief. He got caught by the Roman soldiers and executed here, in Nora.

Spiagga di Nora in Pula Sardinia

Here we look back from the Torre S. Efisio at the Spiagga di Nora and the church Sant'Efisio.

Nora harbour in Pula

Right next to the archeological site of Nora (which can be seen in the back) there is a tiny working harbour.

Costa del Sud Sardinia

But now let's explore the Costa del Sud, which begins about 17 kilometers west of Pula. Our first stop is the Torre di Chia, just off the village of Chia.

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