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Sadali San Valentino

This is San Valentino, the small church of Sadali.

Lago Mulargia Sardinia

Now we get to another attraction of Orroli - the Nuraghi. To get to the most interesting one, the Nuraghe Arrubiu, we have to pass Lago Mulargia that shimmers brightly in the afternoon sun.

Nuraghe Sardegna

On we go to visit a Nuraghe. But what, exactly, is a "Nuraghe"? Well, it can be best described as "ancient castle", built by ancient people of Sardinia. A Nuraghe had (simple) living rooms, it could be defended, and almost always it can be found in strategically important locations.

Nuraghe Arrubiu Sardegna

The oldest Nurgahe date back to 1800 B.C., and this one - the Nuraghe Arrubiu - has been used until 500 A.D. There are still about 7,000 Nuraghi on Sardinia, yet most of the are small and complete ruins today.

Nuraghe Arrubiu Panorama

This is a panorama shot of the Nuraghe Arrubiu (the original photo size is 13155 X 2574 pixels). You can clearly see the sturdy structure with the prominent middle tower. Seven smaller towers surround the central tower and were used to defend attackers.

Nuraghe Arruibiu Orroli

This photo gives you a good indication of the actualy size of the Nuraghe: Petra walks between the outer wall and the central complex. As you can see, the rocks are massive.

Nuraghe Arruibiu Sardinia

Another photo of the Nuraghe Arrubiu, this time placing the sun into the frame.

Nuraghe Arruibiu Interior

The Nuraghe even had rooms with specific functions! Nice. All-in-all, we can strongly recommend to visit the Nuraghe Arrubiu as it is a fascinating travel into ancient times.

Sardinia Sheep Shepard

On our way back to Orroli we encountered this classical scene from Sardinia: Sheep are being guided home by a shepard. Well, the scene is classical, but today the shepard uses - a truck. :-)

Sardinia House Ruin

In the "wild center" of Sardegna you will find ruins almost everywhere. This house, for example, on the SS198 close to Nurri.

Sardinia Street Sign

Like almost everywhere on the countryside, one of the main hobbies seems to be "shooting streetsigns". I will never understand the motivation behind this, but it's a nice photo anyways. ;-)

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