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Capoferrato Costa Rei Beach

We made Monte Nai as our home base for a week. But before we started to relax at the beach, we explored the surroundings. The "Costa Rei" ends about 5 kilometers north of Monte Nai, at Capoferrata. It's all one long beach, but as Capoferrata is not as touristic as Monte Nai, the beach is much more natural here.

Capoferrato Northern Beach

When you continue your dive in northern direction on the good gravel road, you'll see after 1.5 kilometers this beautiful bay (with a secluded beach).

Localita Feraxi Sardegna

Continuing your drive to Muravera, we recommend to use the old coast road. Then you pass the "Localita Feraxi", which has yet another tower (the "Torre delle Saline") and a nice beach.

Muravera Beach Sardinia

A bit off Muravera, you will find another long, nice beach. Here, we look back towards Feraxi.

Monte Nai Beach Sardinia

But now it's time for a couple of relaxing days at the beach of Monte Nai. This part of the coast is called "Costa Rei" (Kings Coast).

Costa Rei Beach Monte Nai

This is a beautiful spot, and we had just a short footwalk (about 200 meters) from our appartment to the beach. Here, you can take long walks through the fine, clean, white sand.

Beach of Monte Nai

This is a shot looking north. You can see that it is crowded, but the beach offers so much room for everyone that it never is really packed.

Monte Nai Beach Sardegna

The same beach, but now in the late afternoon. The sun is throwing long shadows already, and soon it will be gone behind the mountains (the "Monte dei Sette Fratelli").

Robinson Crusoe

This photo is just a nice shot of a footprint in the sand right before it is going to be washed away by the gentle waves.

Casa di Marina Sardegna

This is the next beach from Monte Nai in southern direction. It's called Casa di Marina.

Casa di Marina Beach

Looking north, you see that the beach is really long and not too crowded. Certainly it's not a secret tip, but still we think it is really nice.

Beach of Casa di Marina

And one more shot, upright. It's easy to get lost in photography when you see the clear blue-green water and the tiny white clouds under a blue sky. :-)

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