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Hotel Istellas Lago Flumendosa Sardegna

From Orroli you can do another nice activity: explore the Lago del Flumendosa by boat! To do this, you drive from Nurri down to the lake, to the Hotel Istellas. You can see it here in the distance sitting on a small peninsula right in the middle of the lake.

Hotel Istellas Lago Flumendosa Sardegna

We had some time until the ferry arrived, so we had a closer look at the pool area. Very nice! The hotel is soo detached from everything that it must be quite relaxing to stay here.

Lago del Flumendosa Boat Excursion

But here our ship - the "Castor" - is coming already. It started its trip at the northern tip of the lake where the other tourists boarded the ship.

Lago del Flumendosa Boat Trip

Now it's our turn. People queue to get on board, and soon we depart.

Lago del Flumendosa

Most of the tourists onboard were from Italy, and experienced with the sun as they are - they were taking the seats under the sun sails.

Lago del Flumendosa Cruise

Looking back at the big shovels of the "Castor".

Lago del Flumendosa Tour

The captain of the ship tells the tourists everything about the lake and will also make you aware of special sightings (though these are rare and should not be expected).

Enjoying Lago del Flumendosa

Two young women gaze into the mediterranian sun, enjoying the boat cruise on the Lago del Flumendosa.

Dam of Lake Flumendosa

And here we reach the end of the Lago del Flumendosa: a dam with a power station. Behind the dam, the water forms the Fiume Flumendosa, a small river that meets the Mediterranian Sea at Villaputzu in the south-east.

Hotel Istellas Lago Flumendosa Sardinia

And here we are back at the Hotel Istellas. We boarded the ship at 10:30, now it is 12:21, so it took about 2 hours.

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