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Just imagine: Long, clean beaches with fine, white sand. Clear water that shimmers green and blue in the sun. A blue sky. That's how they try to sell you Sardinia, the island jewel in the Mediterranian Sea. And what do you get when you get there? Well, exactly that. :-)

We had always wanted to visit Sardinia, and so we went there in 2010 for two weeks. But we did not want to just lie at the beach enjoying the sun, no. We wanted to discover the island. We quickly realized that it is impossible to tour the entire island and spend a week at the beach in addition, so we focused on the southern half, which is less touristic and genuinely Sardic .

We flew to Cagliari and picked up our rental car. Then we headed for Orroli with the Nuraghe Arrubiu and the Lago del Flumendosa. Next we headed over to the west coast, to Oristano and the Sinis peninsula. Then we visited the very rural Costa Verde with its long beaches, before we drove along the coast to the Costa del Sud.

From there we drove over to Monte Nai (in the South-East) were we had an appartment for a week. It was situated very close to the beach (150-200 meters), and so we could actually relax for a couple of days. We concluded our stay with a beautiful night in Cagliari before leaving for Munich again.

What can I say? This was a great trip, as the island is so diverse. From the dry center to the remote beaches of the west and the touristic luxury in the south-east. And in the middle of it is the busy city of Cagliari. Of course, I have shot tons of photos. It's impossible to show them all here, so I picked just the ones that are probably of biggest value to you, to help you determine where to go and what to see in Sardinia.

We put together a list of addresses so that you can easily plan your vacation and book your accommodation.

Enjoy! :-)

Mark & Petra at the Torre di Chia

Beach at San Giovanni di Sinis


Two weeks in Sardinia
Clickable map of our trip
Tips for your trip to Sardinia (printer friendly)

Days 1+2: Orroli
- Orroli (12 photos)
- Nuraghe Arrubiu (11 photos)
- Lago del Flumendosa (10 photos)
- From Orroli to Torre Grande (12 photos)

Days 3+4: Torre Grande
- Torre Grande (19 photos)
- Oristano (12 photos)
- From Oristano to Costa Verde (7 photos)

Days 5+6: Costa Verde
- Costa Verde (22 photos)
- Mine Ruins of Costa Verde (14 photos)

Day 7: Pula
- Pula and Costa del Sud (24 photos)

Days 8-14: Monte Nai
- Monte Nai, Costa Rei, and the South-East (20 photos)
- Jerzu and Ulassai (8 photos)
- La Grotta di Su Marmuri, Ulassai (11 photos)
- Arbatax (6 photos)

Day 15: Cagliari
- Cagliari (27 photos)

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