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Entering the Grotta di Su Marmuri

The grotta can only be visited as a guided tour, so you have to check the entry times and wait for the tour to begin. At first it goes further up the mountain to the entrance of the grotta, and then...

Entrance of the Grotta di Su Marmuri

...you descend into the darkness of the Grotta.

La Grotta di Su Marmuri Sardinia

Our group was quite large: about 40 people from all over the world! The guided tour will be held at least in Italian and English (but our guide was also fluent in French and German).

La Grotta di Su Marmuri Sardegna

And now just a few impressions of the Grotta for those who can not access this beautiful cave.

Ulassai Cave Sardinia

The "Su Marmuri" cave is considered to be one of the most famous caves in Europe for its richness in concreations.

Su Marmuri Cave Sardinia

Hundreds of lights illuminate the rock formations of the cave.

Photography at the Su Marmuri Cave Sardinia

You are allowed to take pictures, but you have to switch off the flash. Sooo that leaves you with just the option to go for "High ISO" and slow speeds (all our pictures from the cave have been taken with a Canon EOS 5D at ISO 3200, 1/20 sec, f/2.8).

Cave Su Marmuri Sardinia

The temperature inside the cave remains constant at roughly 10 degrees Celsius, so you better bring a fleece jacket or a pullover. Also, hiking boots or -at least- sneakers are recommended.

Walkway in the Su Marmuri Cave Sardinia

Most of the walkways are smooth (once you are down in the cave). Still, you need to have a good condition to descend into the cave (and to get back up to the surface again).

Outside Su Marmuri Cave Sardinia

To be back in the bright daylight is somewhat strange, as the atmosphere down in the cave was so different from the life outside. Anyway, our guided tour took about 90 minutes (from 16:00 to 17:30), and we think this was a unique, unforgettable experience.

Ulassai Hiking Sardinia

Outside the caves you will also find the signs for the hiking paths through the mountains. But we won't go hiking now, but rather move on to the coast, to the village of Arbatax.

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