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Jerzu Sardinia

It's just a few kilometeres from the beaches of Sardinia's east coast to the village Jerzu.

Jerzu Sardegna

The entire village of Jerzu has been built right onto the mountain. The result: steep and narrow streets everywhere.

Driving up to Ulassai Sardinia

We continue our drive to Ulassai, following the curvy road. The reward: Stunning views like this.

Ulassai Sardinia

Finally we reach the village of Ulassai, nestled even more onto the mountain, at 740 meters above sea level.

Ulassai Sardinia

View from the Piazza Italia in Ulassai.

Ulassai Sardegna

Another view from the Piazza Italia.

Ulassai Sardinia

However, Ulassai is also plagued by the fact that young people are leaving the village to work in Cagliari or on the Italian mainland. That's why many shops are closed, and the houses just rot away.

Driving to the Grotta di Su Marmuri in Ulassai

But Ulassai has even more in store for you: The grotta di Su Marmuri, a real highlight. It goes high up to the grotta through steep and narrow serpentines.

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