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Marstal Denmark

Sailing is amazing - one day you have the worst weather you can imagine, and the next day you have the perfect weather for sailing: sun and a warm breeze. The wind took us to Marstal on the island of AEro. This area is also known as 'Danish Caribbean'. And Marstal is a georgeous small town with nice little houses on the beach. So we can definitely recommend this place!


The next day we left Denmark and headed for Schilksee. We sailed directly across the Baltic Sea, and the shoreline was too far away to make any decent photos. However, I did this shot, which is also quite nice IMO.

Olympiazentrum Schilksee

Schilksee was carrier of the sailing competitions of the 1972 Olympic Games. For the Games, the Olympic Centre was built. Today it looks a bit old fashioned, and the city of Kiel has a hard time to keep it in shape, but all-in-all it offers everything the sailor needs.

Schilksee Yacht Harbour

The yacht harbour offers many places, but it is not always easy to find a free lot.

Schilksee Harbour

A view across Schilksee yacht harbour from the harbour masters office.

Schilksee Sport Harbour

And one more shot across the harbour.

Falckenstein Lighthouse

For our last day, we decided to sail into the town center of Kiel and then back to Laboe. We passed the lighthouse of Falckenstein...


...one of the fast pilot ships of the Kiel Canal...

Kiel Canal Holtenau

...guiding ships towards the main entrance for the Kiel Canal in Holtenau. In the back, you can see the bridges across the Kiel Canal.

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