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Cafe Aurora - Die Landarztkneipe

In Kappeln you will find the Cafe Aurora which became famous when German TV started to film a TV series called Der Landarzt. One of the regular locations in the series is the pub, which is here!

The Schlei

Along the Schlei, you will see beautiful houses, just like this one.

Sailing to Sonderburg Denmark

The next day we sailed from Lindaunis (the home of the 'Carina') to Sonderburg, right across the Baltic Sea (well, sort of).

Sonderburg Yacht Harbour

There are two harbours in Sonderburg. One is conveniently located in the town center, but this one lacks the typical functions of a yacht harbour (e.g. no showers). So we decided to go for the second harbour, which is a bit outside of Sonderburg, but has all the convenience of a real harbour. It's a fifteen minute walk to the town center, so it's not too bad.

Harbour Sonderburg Denmark

This is the town center of Sonderburg, with its harbour. Beautiful, isn't it?

Sonderburg Denmark

Another shot of the Sonderburg harbour.

Windmill Sonderburg Denmark

Directly at the town center, there is an old windmill which looks stunning.

Castle Sonderburg Denmark

On your way back to the sports harbour, you will pass the castle of Sonderburg that once protected the area.

Als Sund

We headed north the next morning using the Als Sund and the Als Fjord. We wanted to go around the island of Als to AEro, but suddenly the weather changed, and so did our plans. We were glad to reach Fynshav after a really rough ride on the Lillebaelt.

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