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San Pietro Roma

St. Peter's Dome seen from the Piazza Giovanni XXIII, which is situated right in front of Castel Sant' Angelo. Yes, the lights along Via della Conciliazione are illuminated, even in the bright sunshine of this day. A waste of energy, sure, but it looks fantastic!

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II Rome

This is the Tevere river with the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, seen from the Piazza Giovanni XXIII.

Castel Sant' Angelo Rome

Castel Sant' Angelo has been the fortress for the popes since the 6th century AD. It is linked to the Vatican and has been used whenever a pope was under attack. It had also been used as a dungeon in the middle ages. Today it is open to the public and carries a museum.

Sant' Angelo Rome

The bridge leading to the Castel Sant' Angelo is one of the most beautiful bridges of Rome - the Ponte Sant' Angelo. It is around since 136 AD and has been improved many times since then. Bernini (again!) and his pupils created the railing and the ten statues of angels in 1668.

Ponte Sant' Angelo Rome

Today the Sant' Angelo bridge is for pedestrians only who enjoy the walk towards the Castel and the views it provides.

Ponte Sant' Angelo Rome

View from the Sant' Angelo bridge towards South.

Angel Statue Ponte Sant' Angelo Rome

One of the angels on the Sant' Angelo bridge in Rome. Bernini was too busy to create all the angels on his own, so he did 'just' two of them. He supervised his pupils who created the remaining eight statues.

Ponte Umberto I Rome

A view from the Ponte Sant' Angelo towards East. This is the Ponte Umberto I.

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