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Plumber's Heaven, Unterhaching, Germany

OK, we will be moving from Munich to the small village of Unterhaching this month. Finally we found the right house for us, small but cozy and still in the surroundings of Munich. The house is brand new, and it was an exciting (yet busy and sometimes even stressing) time to see the house being built over the last eight months or so. When visiting the construction site the other day, I also went to the room in the basement containing the central heating.

I thought that - of all places in the world - this must be Plumber's Heaven. The tubes look more like from a PC game than from reality, and those old fashioned displays add to the surreal touch of the room. If presented in an art exhibition, I bet this would go through as "modern art" when presented by the right artists.

I'll post updates on the moving activities to the Zanzig.com Blog later this month. Until then it's back to packing our stuff. :-)

Have a good month, folks!

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