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Ballons, Munich, Germany

The other day I was shooting a wedding in Munich, an adorable couple by the way, and they were quite lucky to get everything right: the location, the band, the food, the friends, and - the weather! The days before it was rather cold and rainy (Global Warming? Not where I sit.), but then - on their day of all days - Munich presented itself in the best possible weather. Blue skies and mild air! Fan-tas-tique!

Now, their friends are good friends and so they organized that old tradition, the rise of party balloons carrying the best wishes and a voucher in case the balloon is found by someone. All the party guests gathered outside the restaurant and let the balloons loose simultaneoulsy. I think these balloons are an awesome sight, and as today (30/08) is my wedding anniversary with Petra, I figured that it might remind us (and everyone) about that very special person in our lifes. :-)

Have a good month, folks!

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