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Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

For this month's Photo of the Month I dug deep down in the archive and picked a photo from the story on
West Canada. I re-scanned the original slide to see what can be pulled from a 35 mm slide.

Moraine Lake, for those who don't know, is situated close to the ultimately popular Lake Louise, but has fewer visitors while being equally (if not more) beautiful. Some say it's the most picturesque lake in the Canadian Rockies. It is tucked in the Valley of Ten Peaks which has been printed on the old Canadian 20$ bill. Like many of the lakes in this area, Moraine Lake sports a unique greenish color that has its origin in the surrounding glaciers. You can also rent canoes, so if time permits you can paddle the lake and enjoy the scenery on the water. The best time to visit is the morning before afternoon clouds spoil the line of the mountains against the blue sky. We suggest to take the Rockpile Trail if you want to experience the color to the full extent (the lake does not look like this from the shoreline).

This is another evergreen photo (literally), and I absolutely love it, especially as the colors reflect reality very well - this photo has not been faked or enhanced using Photoshop! The reflection of the mountains in the lake add to the mystery. Ahhh, I need to go there again. :-)

Have a good month, folks!

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