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Sunbeam, Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A.

A photo from the Arizona/USA archive that I recently re-scanned and uploaded to my Flickr page. It became quickly popular among the visitors of my profile:

Page, 13-SEP-03 - A group of tourists photographs a sunbeam enlightning the Antelope Slot Canyon in Arizona. The canyon is situated east of Page and belongs to the Navajo Nation. Its walls are light red and change their color almost by the minute. Photo by Mark Zanzig/zettpress

I absolutely love this photo, because there are soo many "plain" photos (i.e. photos of lightbeams without tourists) of Antelope Slot Canyon to be found, also at the big photo agencies. All these photos suggest that you are more-or-less alone on the scene with your guide - which is typically not true. My photo is much closer to reality. Also, I like the fact that the tourists actually (try to) take photos, ducked and leaning against the wall in order to get some stability for the shoot. So I think this is a real "look behind the scenes" of the Antelope Slot Canyon. ;-)

Have a good month, folks!

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