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Sand Yachting, St.-Peter-Ording, Germany

Petra and myself took a short break from the treadmills of work, and we decided to visit Northern Germany, or more precise: St.-Peter-Ording. The village is situated directly at the North Sea and has been a touristic destination for a long time. Recently, I found photos showing my grandmother and my mother visiting St. Peter in 1943!

As you can imagine, I took a lot of photos and will publish these in the next two weeks or so. As a tiny teaser for you, here is a photo of a spectacular sand yachting race that took place on Sunday (25-MAR-07) showing Hansi Dibbert (sail G44) of the Yachtclub St. Peter Ording driving through a puddle of water at high speed. Sand Yachts can get very fast (up to 120 km/h, or 75 mph) which makes the races very attractive for the racers and the spectators. Should you plan a stay in Northern Germany and have some spare time, St.-Peter-Ording is definitely worth a night or two.

Anyway, have a good month, folks!

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