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The Quirang, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Our vacation frenzy for 2005 (after Rome and Dublin) came to a climax with our long-awaited trip to Scotland. And yesterday we returned with a bag full of memories - and photos! Here - as teaser if you want - a shot from my digicam.

We did a short hike on the wonderful Isle of Skye. In the north, just off A855 close to Staffin, you will find The Quirang, a fascinating natural rock formation. Drive up the shortcut towards Uig, and you will find the car park, which is also the start of the hike. It is an easy hike, but you should have at least some experience when doing it. People who are sick of heights may have problems (though I did not), as the path is quite narrow. Anyway, the walk is well worth the time, as is Scotland.

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