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Above The Clouds, Atlantic Ocean (2002)

A previously unpublished photo from our trip to West Canada in 2002. Because it looks so cool, I always wanted to save this photo for a special ocasion, but that never came, unfortunately. Anyway, as we have not been on vacation for quite some time now, I selected this shot as it makes me dream of future vacations.

It's intended for those of you, who are looking for a nice shot from a plane but never had the chance to make it because...

  1. you were seated at the aisle
  2. you were seated at the wing
  3. you were seated on the wrong side of the plane
  4. you were flying overnight
  5. you fell asleep
  6. your camera was in the luggage
  7. you only had a tiny point-and-shoot camera
  8. ...
You know what I mean. So please enjoy this shot where (almost) everything was right. Have a good month!
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