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Inga Zanzig, geb. Schweim
(02.07.1942 - 22.12.2004)

For a very personal reason, this "Photo of the Month" deviates from the light-hearted travel stuff I usually put up here.

Shortly before Christmas, my mother passed away after a short and hefty illness in a hospital in Kiel, Germany. We were all shocked because the cancer had been discovered just a few months before, and she was so determined to fight against it, basically accepting all the therapies the doctors had planned for her. But they did not succeed. The only good news for us is that she did not suffer for long, and Death came rather peaceful in her sleep.

This photo of her is from happier times, showing her probably at her best period ever, during a boat trip in 1977. She was in her mid thirties by then, and I think this is exactly how she would like to be remembered by everyone: A healthy, attractive, strong and joyful woman who already had had her struggles with life. At the time of the photo she had very much settled within her life, and she considered herself to be "happy".

Later, after more unexpected and sometimes painful struggles, she had found a way to relax and to enjoy herself through travels and paintings. And so she created 60+ paintings over the past decade, which will be a wonderful reminder for all of us.

We miss you, and we will remember you!

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