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Calling For A New Job, Quam Headquarters, Munich, Germany (2002)

One day the Quam management announced a severe axing of employees, because the shareholders Telefonica and Sonera had decided to shut down operations in Germany. Within a short timeframe, the company was to be brought from 900+ down to "a very small number". I brought my camera to work the day after the announcement to get some memories on film. I took this typical Quam scene in the main hall of the M,O,C building in Munich. I don't know whom the guy on the photo is calling, but I bet it is a headhunter.

I like this shot because the empty seats reflect the emotions I had, but at the same time the light is very nice. Everything is focused on the guy, e.g. the offices and the tables point directly towards him. And there he is, placing a phonecall. A bit lonely, but still with an energetic gesture.

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