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Lighthouse and Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht, Swakopmund

Another view of the lighthouse in Swakopmund, this time with the State House (former "Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht") in the front.

Anglers at

On our way back to "The Stiltz", we walked along the beach. The wind was blowing strongly, and the waves clashed against "The Jetty" steel bridge. These anglers, however, kept on angling, just as if there was no wind at all.

The Jetty, Swakopmund

Another perfect view of "The Jetty" - looking at the waves and the beach you quickly see that the wind was still blowing heavily. Also, the felt temperature was rather cold. So we recommend to wear a fleece jacket for those evenings, even in December!

A couple enjoys the sunset at Swakopmund Namibia

Our second evening in Swakopmund even brought that much desired "postcard sunset", and we were not the only ones enjoying it very much. :-)

Sunset at The Jetty, Swakopmund

Another gorgeous photo of the sunset at The Jetty.

Swakopmund oceanfront and aquarium

A view back from the steel pier across South Beach, towards the "The Tug" restaurant (left) and the aquarium (right).

The Tug Restaurant, Swakopmund

The sunset was coming closer, and I climed the stairs to the "The Tug" restaurant to capture that moment. Later, we would dine at the restaurant, and it was great! So - when you are coming to Swakop, please make sure that you go to "The Tug" as well. The place is so popular, though, that you will need to make a reservation.

Sunset at Swakopmund South Beach

Another photo of the sunset at Swakop's South Beach.

Sunset, Swakopmund, Namibia

And the final photo of the sunset at Swakopmund, complete with seagull flying into the sunlight. :-)

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