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Swakopmund Beach

A look from Swakopmunds mole towards south, across the beach of Swakopmund. In the distance, you can see "The Jetty" and "The Tug" restaurant (on the left).

Swakopmund Beach Promenade

This is the Swakopmund beach promenade with its colorful benches, that create a nice contrast with the sea in the back.

Swakopmund Beach

Another photo of the beachin Swakopmund. Early December is still off-season, so just the locals and some tourists where going to the beach. A few weeks later, for Christmas, the town will be packed with people taking a few days off over the holidays.

Lighthouse Swakopmund shines through palm trees

The beautiful Swakopmund Lighthouse dominates the town's skyline from the seaside. It was built in 1902 and raised in height (to 111 ft, 34 meters) already in 1910. It still is being used as active aid to navigation today.

Adler Apotheke Swakopmund

Swakopmund is quite German as this sign for the Adler Pharmacy and Drugstore shows. The pharmacy will help you in perfect German, English, and Afrikaans. Should you have any questions concerning Malaria, they will happily answer them and sell suitable medication to you.

Swakopmund Namibia

This is a view of the Daniel Tjongarero Street in Swakopmund. In former times the street was known as Poststrasse, but with the changes in the country, most of the old German street names have been changed, too. The signs at the shops did not change, though - the "Bäckerei und Konditorei" sign is still up and very German. :-) The church is the catholic church of Swakopmund.

OMEG Haus Swakopmund

This is the "OMEG Haus", a Namibian historic monument. It is the former goods shed of the Otavi-Bahn, that connected the copper mines of Tsumeb to Swakopmund. OMEG stands for "Otavi-Minen- und Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft", the company than ran the train line. Next to the OMEG-Haus is an open air museum (the old train station), and a small botanical garden where some indigenous plants can be found. The OMEG-Haus can be found on the main Sam Nujoma Avenue (former Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse).

Hansa Hotel Swakopmund

The old wing of the "Hansa Hotel" in Swakopmund, built in 1905, situated directly at the city center. Below the rooms there is a flower shop called "Der Blumenkorb". Indeed, it is very German here in Swakop. :-)

Pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus)

It should not come as a surprise to see pelicans in town. We found this couple at the Strandstreet in Swakopmund.

Market by the old State House Swakopmund

This is the Market by the old State House, offering pretty much what all the other tourist markets offer in Namibia. Still, it is a good place to get your souvenirs.

Marine Monument Swakopmund Namibia

This is the Marine Monument, remembering the German soldiers killed during the Herero rebellion 1904-1905. While the German soldiers are certainly a part of Namibian history, I still wonder - has anybody ever built a memorial for the Herero's?

Tourist in front of Marine Monument Swakopmund

This tourist is standing deeply moved in front of the Swakopmund Marine Monument.

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