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Georg of the Etosha Aoba Lodge Namibia

There are just three camps in the park, all run by the Namibia Wildlife Resort Ltd. which is fully owned by the Namibian state. Comfort in these camps is acceptable but can not be compared to the lodges right next to the National Park. So Petra had booked an excellent lodge - the Etosha-Aoba-Lodge - for our night before entering the Etosha National Park from the eastern entrance (aka "Von Lindquist Gate"). They do offer sundowner trips on their property, and they are performed by the owner himself, Georg.

Etosha Aoba Lodge Sundowner

Now, Georg has a story of his own (immigrated to Namibia in 1993 after having run the IT department of the fair in Frankfurt, Germany, built up the lodge and retired in 2003), and his 7,000 ha property is now home to plenty of animals. And while Georg drives us slowly through his "garden", as he calls it, we suddenly encounter Zebras on the road! Wow.

Giraffe at Etosha Aoba Lodge

And then, just a minute later, we see Peggy - one of the many resident giraffes on his property. We are stunned by the beauty of the animal and by the fact that Georg can apparently distinguish all his giraffes, but he smiles and says, "well, I call all my giraffes Peggy, because that was one of the sentences I started my English lessons with - 'This is Peggy, the giraffe.'" :-)


Anyway, suddenly a second giraffe comes along, just a few meters from us, and we are happy. Happy to have finally arrived at Etosha. Happy to have seen zebras and giraffes already. "Don't worry", says Georg, "you will see plenty of zebras and giraffes in the National Park".

Spider's Nest

So Georg goes on to show us many other interesting sites, like this spider's nest, home to up to 200 spiders. Yikes!

Inactive Termites Mound

We also learn a lot about Termites, probably more than we would ever want to know, but Georg knows so much about this and tells it in an easy-to-understand and interesing fashion that we listen to him open-mouthed. This, for example, is an inactive Termites Mound. When you see those holes in the mound, the whole colony is gone already...

Active Termites Mound

Termites always need a closed surface to their mound because it's their air condition. It can heat up and cool down the mound. The height and style of the mound is actually just a reaction to the temperature of the location of the mound. This is an active mound, and the dark spots on the surface are actually from water that has been brought up to the surface in order to cool the temperature down. We are speechless.

Etosha Aoba Lodge Game Drive

Another beautiful photo of the game drive. There were some clouds at the horizon, so we would not be able to enjoy the real African sunset, but it was a fantastic trip anyway.

Petra and Mark Zanzig

Oh yes, we were very happy that evening, right in the middle of nowhere, with a Winhoek Lager beer, surrounded by the awesome African wilderness. Could it get any better? Well, turn the page and see...

Photo: Christian Müller

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