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Sossusvlei Entrance

Early the next morning we finally went to see the dunes of Sossusvlei. We had seen them before on our scenic flight, but now we wanted to experience them first hand. This is the main entrance. Remember that you need a permit in order to enter the National Park. Other tourists reported that there may be a long queue before sunrise, so we took our time with the breakfast - but even 6 am is very early for us. And then we entered the park without additional waiting time.

Tsauchab River Sossusvlei

At one point the dry Tsauchab River crosses the tarred road in the park. You should pay attention about the "dip" in the road, because you could damage your car seriously (at least, if you are driving a sedan). Also, the river may be flooded. In this case you have to wait or turn around unless you have a 4x4. The tarred road itself was in an excellent condition though (which was good, because there are still reports on the Net that it is just a bunch of dangerous holes).

Tiny Tourists climb a dune

There are almost endless photo opportunities in the Sossusvlei - here are hikers (tourists) who walk up a huge dune. They are dwarfed by the size of the dune.

Desert Grass Namibia

A detailed photo of the yellow-green grass that covers the red soil of the Sossusvlei Valley. These plants are survival artists, given the heat and dryness of the desert.

Dune Sossusvlei

Another great photo of a nameless Sossusvlei dune, this time with trees lined up in front of it. While they are tall, grown-up trees, their size is tiny compared to the dune behind.

Dune 45 Sossusvlei

We finally reached the popular "Dune 45", which has its name from the fact that it is situated 45 kilometers from the main entrance. Photographers will be able to do excellent morning and and good afternoon shots here. I took a couple of decent photos here as well.

Dune 45

This tree stands at the foot of Dune 45. Depending on the lens and the location, it will can look huge (like here)...

Tree at Dune 45 Sossusvlei

...or the tree can look tiny, with the red sand of the dune base actually providing the full background for the photo. (I personally like this photo better.)

Tourist climbs Dune 45 Sossusvlei

A tourists walks up Dune 45. The red sand contrasts well with the blue sky. Sossusvlei is really a photographers dream come true!

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