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Sesriem Canyon Namibia

Before you actually enter the Namib-Naukluft-Park in Sesriem, heading for the huge dunes, we recommend a short stop at the Sesriem Canyon, situated about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away from Sesriem. It's an easy but exciting hike down into the Canyon.

When to hike Sesriem Canyon?

When we were there, at around 7:45 am, there was noone else in the Canyon, probably because everybody is rushing to the major attraction, i.e. to the Sossusvlei dunes. If your schedule allows for the break at Sesriem Canyon, we suggest to take that break.

Tree at Sesriem Canyon

One of the few trees that survive in the harsh environment of Sesriem Canyon.

Hiking Sesriem Canyon Namibia

The walls of Sesriem Canyon are up to 30 meter (100 ft) high, carved into the rocks by the Tsauchab river that is dry most of the time. If river bed leads directly into the National Park, if you followed it for several kilometers.

Sesriem Canyon

The canyon invites for some exploring - you will find that the canyon will get very narrow at some points. There may be small puddles of water (in the picture in the lower left corner), attracting birds that build their nests in the walls above.

Sesriem Canyon Bird Watching

Here is a view towards the sky - you can see that the canyon is indeed quite narrow (just about 2 meters / 6.5 ft), but birds are flying effortlessly in and out, and between the walls.

Sossusvlei Lodge

For this night we had booked the excellent Sossusvlei Lodge, situated directly in Sesriem right in front of the entrance gate to the Namib-Naukluft-Park. It may be expensive, but the service and the comfort are incredible. The photo shows the pool area with its large umbrellas.

Sossusvlei Lodge Sesriem

Another photo of the swimming pool area of the Sossusvlei Lodge: Petra enjoys the view into the surrounding property of the lodge.

Sossusvlei Lodge Bungalows Namibia

The most exciting feature of the Sossusvlei Lodge are the bungalows. They have been built as a mixture of bungalow and tent. One part has been built completely from stones and contains the bathroom, with sink, toilet, and shower. Your bedroom, however, is built as a tent, complete with mosquito net. This way you enjoy the feeling of being in the desert with the comfort of a bungalow. And your view is fantastic!

View from our bungalow at Sossusvlei Lodge Sesriem

The Oryx antelope visited us on our patio that day - in a safe distance, though. :-)

Tree Sesriem Namibia

We decided to do one last sundowner trip that afternoon, departing from the lodge at 6 pm. The light was getting better by the minute, and I could not stop taking photos.

Bernharth of the Sossusvlei Adventure Center

This is Bernharth, our guide for this trip. He is working at the Sossusvlei Adventure Center, that is part of the Sossusvlei Lodge. You can book all trips, like scenic flights, shuttle service to the dunes, or sundowner trips directly at the lodge. When Bernharth talks about his country, you feel that he is very proud and apparently happy about his life.

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