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Ship Wreck Seal (1976) Skeleton Coast National Park

We somehow managed to get our car to the parking lot and jumped on the beach. The wreck was not too impressing (a clear blue sky would have certainly helped), but I did a couple of close-ups...

Ship Wreck Seal (1976) Namibia

...like this...

Namibia Ship Wreck Seal Detail

...and this...

Engine of Ship Wreck Seal Namibia

...and this detailed photo of the engine of the wreck!

Ugabmund Gate Skeleton Coast National Park

About 15 minutes later we were quite happy to reach the Ugabmund Gate, the southern entrance to the National Park. The gate was clearly marked with skulls, and we laughed about the thought what might had happened if we had a problem in the park? There was so little traffic that you might get in real trouble when your car breaks down up there.

Ugabmund Gate Office Namibia

Petra did the check-out with the officer and asked where the next petrol station might be. "At 108 miles", he confirmed. Okay, now, that was not too far away, like, just, uh, 40 kilometers. And the tank was filled right below 1/4, so that should be more than sufficient.

108 Mile, Namibia

We made it without problems to 108 Mile. We were a bit suspicious because there was no petrol station to be seen anywhere. So I entered the shop and said that I would like to re-fuel the car. "Sure, no problem", the guy at the counter said, "but we only carry leaded fuel". - "What?" - "Yes, you can only get leaded fuel here. No unleaded." - "So, where is the next station?" - "Ah, at Henties Bay. Surely you will get unleaded fuel there." - "How far is it?" - "Just 90 kilometers or so." - Now, that could turn into a problem. A real problem.

Changing a tyre in Namibia

Driving 90 kilometers with a tank now clearly below the 1/4 mark is no fun. I just drove at medium speed and low RPM (2000-2500), and after some time the sign for "low fuel" was indicating that we were running low on fuel. Go figure. At this point we were still about 45 kilometers away from Henties Bay. The manual said that the reserve should last for about 70 kilometers. A-ha. And then the next problem occurred: a flat tyre. Bugger! So I went to work and did what had to be done...!

The Stiltz Swakopmund

At the end everything turned out well. The petrol station at Henties Bay did indeed have unleaded fuel, and they were open. And the road between Henties Bay and Swakopmund was very very good, so without further problems we reached our lodge for the next two nights - "The Stiltz", a fantastic lodge offering you bungalows perched on stiltz! You can guess that we were quite happy to be there after all those problems.

View from The Stiltz B&B Swakopmund

Not only are their bungalows stylish from all aspects, they also provide beautiful views on the surrounding landscape. Some have an excellent seaview, we had a beautiful view on the dunes of the Namib desert.

Sunset Swakopmund Namibia

And we went out to see another sunset, our first at the Namibian coast. Like these tourists in the VW 4x4 transporter, we just reclined and relaxed from the worries that had kept us in check just hours before.

Sunset at The Jetty Swakopmund

Like this couple, we enjoyed the sunset on the steel bridge (nick-named "The Jetty" by the way) very much - even if it was not the perfect postcard sunset. But who cares? I like the photo anyway.

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