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Dust Devel (Weak Tornado)

So we drove on the C19 towards Maltahöhe, reaching again a wide plateau with farmland. All of a sudden this "dust devil" appeared out of nowhere, sucking in the dry sand, whirling it towards the sky. We did not know how dangerous this might be, but it certainly resembled a weak tornado.

Maltahöhe Namibia

And then we reached Maltahöhe, where you will find a petrol station, a super market, a church, a hotel, and -finally!- a tarred road again. Driving the C19 with our sedan was okay-ish, but we felt much better to be on tarred road again. Now the remaining trip should be easy, we thought.

Hardap Recreation Resort

On our way to the Kalahari-Anib-Lodge, we stopped at the Hardap Recreation Resort, home of the Hardap Dam. It is easily accessible from the B1 and is a popular holiday destination for locals. The dam holds back water on an area of 25 square kilometers (roughly 10 square miles) and is the biggest water reserve in Namibia. Here, you can do several watersports, but it is also home to many birds. You even have a small game drive (nothing compared to Etosha, but still very interesting). Unfortunately, the road is in a very bad shape, so that at some point we simply returned for the lack of a 4x4 vehicle.

Hardap Dam Namibia

This is a view from the Hardap Dam feeding the Fish River.

Swimming Pool at the border of the Kalahari Desert

Then we reached the Kalahari Anib Lodge, our last night outside Windhoek. The lodge offers nice bungalows, many of them situated directly at the border to the Kalahari Desert, and excellent food.

Sunset Namibia

Our final photo of this photo story - another beautiful sunset over the African savannah, happening directly in front of our bungalow. It was an awesome trip that really made us forget about the daily worries at home. The two weeks felt like three or even four weeks, and we certainly will return to this wonderful country.

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