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Mexico City Cathedral

The Cathedral as seen from the restaurant at the Best Western Hotel Majestic, which has a fantastic view across the Zocalo. And affordable prices, too! :-)

Hotel Majestic Mexico City

The Best Western Hotel Majestic sits conveniently at the Zocalo in the heart of Centro Historico in Mexico City.

Street Market Mexico City

Right behind the Palacio Nacional you will enter Mexico City's biggest street market, where you can find really everything, from souvenirs to clothes, from cool artwork to plain kitsch...

Mexico City Impression

The quarter behind Palacio Nacional holds some pleasant surprises like this inner courtyard with some shops.

Zocalo Impression Mexico City

Another impression from Zocalo.

Mexico City Taxi Parade

An endless parade of taxis at the Av. Madero. If there is a heaven (or hell?) for VW Beetles, it sure must be in Mexico City!

Mexico City Taxi (VW Beetle)

A VW Beetle taxi rushes by at the Avenida Francisco Madero. Though the taxis look funny and cuddly, we strongly recommend to refrain from using them. If you want to avoid bad surprises, go for the official tourist taxis instead!

Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City

The Monumento a la Revolucion.

Detail of Monumento a la Revolucion Mexico City

Detailed shot of Monumento a la Revolucion.

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