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Cathedral La Seu, Palma de Mallorca

Let's begin this photo report with Palma de Mallorca, the islands capital, and its georgeous Cathedral La Seu. It overlooks the harbour of Palma almost like a bright mountain. It was built in the 13th century after the King Jaime, leading the Spanish troops, freed the island from the invaders. This photo was shot in the early evening, making use of the last warm sunlight.

Mallorca Cathedral La Seu

Another photo of "La Seu", this time captured in the morning. The huge rose window on the eastern wall of the cathedral (with more than 11 meters circumference) is one of its unique features. It illuminates the interior through 1,200+ colored glass pieces.

Cathedral La Seu, Mallorca

This huge cross stands in front of the "La Seu" cathedral. - By the way, if you come to Palma with your car, we strongly recommend to use the garage Parc de la Mar which is conveniently located within walking distance of the Cathedral. It can be accessed easily from the Autopista de Llevant, separating the Cathedral from the harbour.

Palacio de la Almudina, Mallorca

Next to the cathedral you will find the Palacio de la Almudina, which contains the King's Palace (Palacio Real). When the Spanish King is on Mallorca, he will reside here. The rest is used by the military, and only the museum of the palace is open for visitors today.

Palacio Real, Mallorca

Another photo of the Palacio Real, this time seen from the east with a huge water fountain.

Palacio de la Almudina Mallorca

Here, the Palacio de la Almudina is seen from Costa de Lase, right behind the main building. From here, you can easily enter the old town of Mallorca, or visit the S'Hort del Rei, a small garden providing shadow and peace.

S'Hort del Rei, Palma de Mallorca

The S'Hort del Rei also has nice fountains, and their faint noise adds to the peaceful environment here. I can well imagine that the kings of the past did enjoy this place as well.

Placa Pescateria, Palma de Mallorca

But now let's dive into the old town of Palma. A few steps behind the cathedral you will find the Placa Pescateria, surrounded by beautiful, well-maintained houses.

Ajuntament Palma de Mallorca

Directly at the Placa Pescateria is the Ajuntament, the City Hall. During the day, many old Majorcines will use the benches in front of the building to rest and chat, or just to sit there in the shadow of the mighty roof and watch the people rushing by.

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