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Selva Mallorca

Now let's visit one of the most attractive areas on the island of Mallorca - the North West Coast. This is the town of Selva, seen from the distance. It is one of the entrances to to the so-called Sierra de Tramuntana, 140 kilometers long, separating the coastline from the rest of the island. From here, you use the PM-213 towards Lluc.

Sa Calobra Mallorca

One of the definite "must-sees" in this area is the small village of Sa Calobra, with the major attraction being the "getting there". This is the PM 214-1, and with roughly 12 kilometers length it is certainly the "Crookiest Street of the World" - outside a city. Inside a city, this is still claimed by Lombard Street in San Francisco. :-)

Road to Sa Calobra Mallorca

Here is another view on the PM 214-1 to Sa Calobra. I did this photo from the top, where the road suddenly does a 270 degree turn - you will find a restaurant and a viewpoint there.

Road to Sa Calobra

On your way, you will come to another wicked place on this road - the street narrows down so that just one car can pass at a time. The traffic from Sa Calobra is given priority because they are fighting against the steepness of the road. Please note that buses are typically driving in convoys, so be prepared to see up to 15 buses in a row!

Viewpoint Sa Calobra Mallorca

Shortly before Sa Calobra, you will come across the "Cavall Bernat" viewpoint. Here, you have a fantastic view across Cala de Sa Calobra and the village itself.

Sa Calobra Mallorca

To be honest, Sa Calobra is not really a village. It just contains of a number of restaurants and one hotel (which must be beautiful and ultimately quiet once the day tourists are gone). Other than that, there is a pier for tourist ferries and a tiny beach.

Sa Calobra Beach

View across Sa Calobra and its tiny beach. It is certainly big enough for the few tourists that come here with the intention of going to the beach - most come here to take the ferry to Port de Soller.

Sa Calobra Ferry Mallorca

Here, we see the ferry for Port de Soller at the tiny pier...

Mallorca Sa Calobra

...and this is a fearless tourist, swimming right next to the ferry, well knowing that it will not yet depart. But he is aware that he is the center of the attraction for the passengers on the ferry! :-)

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