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Punta de Capdepera Mallorca

The small village of Punta de Capdepera offers not only a perfect touristic infrastructure, like many hotels, shops and restaurants - but it also offers a rugged waterfront that makes an interesting difference to the typical setup where the beach is usually close to the city center. Fortunately, the village has refrained from building any high rises, so it could preserve its image very well. It's located close to the Parc Natural de la
Peninsula de Llevant
which offers beautiful hikes.

Punta de Capdepera Harbour Mallorca

The yacht harbour of Punta de Capdepera adds to the positive impression of the village.

Cala Guya Mallorca

The beaches of the village are located at Cala Guya, just north of the village center. The water is clean and warm, with bright green and blue colors.

Cala Guya Mallorca

A photo of Cala Guya against the sun. This beach and in fact the whole village is quite far away from the vibrant Palma de Mallorca - but if you are interested to just "get away" from your daily work, this may be the place to go.

Arta Mallorca

The beautiful town of Arta (pop. 6,000) marks the center of the region. Its pilgrimage church "San Salvador" and the Arabian bastion can be seen from the distance (pictured here on the right side of the photo).

Arabian Bastion Arta Mallorca

Here is the church inside the Arabian Bastion, which sits on top of the hill right behind the Transfiguracio del Senyor from the 13th century.

Bastion Arta Mallorca

This is the patio of the Bastion with its huge palm trees. It offers awesome views across Arta's surroundings...

Arta Mallorca Spain

...as well as views of Arta itself. Here you see that the town is made up from many small streets.

Transfiguracio del Senyor Arta

This is the church Transfiguracio del Senyor, seen from the Arabian Bastion in Arta.

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