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Sineu Market Mallorca

Sineu is a small town in the center of Mallorca. It is beautiful, yet unspectacular. But once a week, on Wednesdays, the town gets flooded by tourists, coming from all areas of the island to enjoy a very special market: The traditional Market of Sineu.

Market Sineu Mallorca

The market offers all the typical products you would expect, like vegetables, fruit, ham, and cheese.

Sineu Mallorca

The Sineu market merchants are all locals and very friendly. Their products are fresh and tasty. You may ask: "now, common, what makes this market so special that tourists come in busloads?" The answer is easy...

Animal Market Sineu

On the Sineu market you can buy animals, small and big. It's the traditional trading place for the whole region, and the local people actually do buy their animals here!

Animal Market Mallorca

This dealer has just three animals left, and he is discussing the latest sale with a friend.

Traditional Sineu Market Mallorca

This is a view across the main Placa of Sineu where the animals are being sold.

Sineu Markt Mallorca

I think the best bit of this market is the fact that it is not just populated by tourists. This is a weekly event, also important for the locals to get in touch, to meet, to talk - or simply to watch the action.

Traditional Sineu Mallorca

Another rabbit has found a new owner, and I am sure that this girl will be quite happy with her new friend.

Traditional Market Mallorca

This buyer carries away his new caprine. It's interesting to see that the animals -if handled properly- do not defend themselves. This one was just crying badly. But I assume that it forgets pretty quick.

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