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Kos Beach Sign

A nice introduction to any slideshow dealing with Kos, we thought.

View from Zia, Kos Island

View from Zia, Kos Island.

Marmari Beach, Kos Island

A quite evening impression at Marmari Beach, Kos Island

Kefalos Bay, Kos Island

Windsurfer at Kefalos Bay.

Kardamena, Kos Island

A fisher boat resting at Kardamena harbour.

Palm Tree, Kos Island

A palm tree lurks across a wall in Kardamena.

Nisiros Island, Greece

From Kardamena we traveled to Nisiros Island to see the (inactive) volcano of the island. Just the boat trip alone is worth the money! I would recommend not to miss it - almost every hotel offers daytrips to Nisiros.

Marmari Beach, Kos Island, Greece

A wonderful sunset at Marmari Beach. The light in Dodecanes is always fantastic, and you will often enjoy quiet evenings at the beach.

Nights at Kos Island, Greece

The sunlight has long gone, and the lights of the villages begin to illuminate the northern shore of Kos Island.

Zia Tourist Shop, Kos Island

Zia is worth a visit not only because it is high up in the mountains, but it has many nice tourist shops as well! :-)

Antique Town Kos Greece

Antique Town, Kos, Greece.

Kos Castle Greece

View from Kos Castle.

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