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Dachau Camp Protestantic Prayer Area

At the northern end of the Dachau Memorial Site, there are religious areas - I call them "Prayer Areas" - for those visitors who want to spend a while remembering their family and friends in a peaceful environment. This is the Protestantic area.

Dachau Camp Carmel Monastery

A view towards the secluded inner courtyard of the Carmel Monastery at the very end of the site.

Dachau Polish Prisoners

A detailed photo of the sculpture remembering the Polish victims of Dachau: "Here in Dachau every third victim was a Pole. One of every two Polish priests was martyred. Their holy memory is venerated by their fellow-prisoners of the Polish clergy."

Dachau Jewish Monument

The Jewish Monument at the Dachau Memorial Site carries the embedded Psalm 9,21 in Hebrew and in German language: "Stelle, oh Ewiger, Ihnen eine Warnung hin! Erfahren sollen die Völker, dass sie Sterbliche sind." In English: "Appoint, O Lord, a lawgiver over them: that the Gentiles may know themselves to be but men." (Source)

Dachau Jewish Monument

This is the entrance to the Jewish Memorial Monument.

Inside Dachau Jewish Monument

Here is a view inside the Jewish Monument at the Dachau Memorial Site. A beam of light goes straight from the ceiling to the floor.

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