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Exhibition of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

This is the first impression visitors to the exhibition get - naked walls, dark lights, small windows, concrete floor. The exhibition is depressing from the very first steps. You know that you are about to step into another world, a world unknown to us in the civilized world. But you know that it was not long ago that terror was actively practiced here in Dachau. The exhibition is located in the former Wirtschaftsgebäude, which contained the kitchen, laundry, storage rooms, and the shower baths where the SS would torture prisoners.

Rauchen verboten

A wall painting saying "Rauchen verboten" (Smoking prohibited) in old German lettering (a so-called "Fraktur" font). Just illuminated by a pale, single light buld.

Dachau Camp Exhibition

View from the former Wirtschaftsgeb&aouml;de along the main wing of the building towards the Roll Call Ground and the Intertwined Skeletons monument.

Dachau Camp Chess

One of the exhibits is this game of chess that was used by the prioners to spend the (rare) spare time.

Dachau Concentration Camp Uniform of Prisoner # 28320

Another exhibit is this prisoner uniform belonging to prisoner # 28320. The red triangular patch indicated that a prisoner was a "political prisoner".

Dachau Concentration Camp Exhibition

This exhibit shows an excerpt of one of the "Log Books of Death" with exact names, dates, and times, e.g.: "23/3 Desinf. erschossen + 5.9. früh" - To see this document ripped apart my heart. How cruel can humans be?

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